Caron Butler: LA Clippers' Talent 'Undeniable,' but Chemistry a Concern

Garrett Chorpenning

NBA analyst and former player Caron Butler believes the LA Clippers have what it takes to win an NBA championship as currently constructed, but he isn't quite sold on the team's chemistry or continuity just yet.

Butler talked in-depth about his thoughts on the Clippers during a recent appearance on NBA TV:

"I think that the talent is undeniable. The coaching staff is unprecedented. But the chemistry is one of the things that I feel like they will still lack. Now, they may pick it up on the fly. They have some time to do it. But Paul George, he went in and out of the lineup. You know Kawhi Leonard, he's a gamer, he's going to be prepared and ready and dialed-in. I think the leadership is going to be there from him. But chemistry is definitely going to be an issue for me with the Los Angeles Clippers, and that continuity."

Butler also gave credit to LA Clippers assistant Tyronn Lue, who, given his championship experience with the Cleveland Cavaliers, is a "huge asset" in his opinion. 

Butler makes some fine points in his analysis — the Clippers have struggled with continuity for a majority of the season, and chemistry seemed to be an issue early on. However, LA seemed to remedy both of those issues after the All-Star break.

From February 24 to March 10, the Clippers went 7-1 and owned the highest net rating in the league. LA was as healthy as ever during the stretch, and the team's newest additions in Reggie Jackson and Marcus Morris Sr. seemed to fit in very well. 

Additionally, Paul George recently said that he was finally able to finish rehabbing his shoulders during the break and that he's feeling 100 percent healthy for the first time all year. 

The Clippers could certainly still have some issues once things pick back up, but this team looked as good as it had all year before the season was suspended.

With less than a month remaining until the season resumes, Clippers fans won't have to wait long to see how LA comes out of the break.