Lou Williams Wants to see Progression Toward Racial Equality During NBA Season

Garrett Chorpenning

LA Clippers guard Lou Williams has been one of the most outspoken players in the league when it comes to making progress with social justice and racial inequality, and he's not about to stop now.

During a conference call with reporters on Saturday afternoon, Williams said that while the NBA season is ongoing, he would like to see real progress toward racial equality.

"I would like to see progression, and I would like the conversations to continue to move forward and we make positive steps in trying to create an environment where it's equality for all races."

When asked about the NBA's decision to paint "Black Lives Matter" on the courts — something Williams talked about almost a month ago — he said he was happy to be heard. 

"That's progression. I'm happy to know that, you know, I work for a company that stands alongside of the minorities that's in this country and want to make a bold statement like that... I thought it was important for the NBA to listen to the players and listen to our voices and put the things in motion that we felt so strongly about and stand next to us on those issues."

Now that the team has arrived in Orlando, Williams says he's realized that he can help the Clippers in pursuit of the franchise's first-ever NBA title while still focusing on and being involved with social issues.

The 33-year-old guard is in the midst of another successful season with LA, averaging 18.7 points and a career-high 5.7 assists in less than 30 minutes per game. If the Clippers are indeed going to win a title, they'll need Williams at his best.

The NBA season is set to resume on July 30, when the Clippers take on the Los Angeles Lakers to kick things off.