Lou Williams Addresses Magic City trip: 'It wasn't the best quality decision'

Garrett Chorpenning

LA Clippers star reserve Lou Williams made his seeding game debut on Tuesday, logging seven points, six rebounds and six assists in roughly 21 minutes in the team's 117-115 loss to the Phoenix Suns.

After the game, Williams took questions about his performance, and, of course, his trip to Magic City during his absence from the bubble.

"I probably could have made a better-quality decision," Williams said. "I went somewhere after a viewing of somebody I considered a mentor, somebody I looked up to... At the time I thought I was making the responsible decision. After looking back on it with everything going on in the world and the pandemic, maybe it wasn't the best quality decision. I chalk it up as that, take my L and keep moving."

Williams was excused to leave the NBA campus in Orlando in late July to attend a relative's funeral, but the situation regarding his exit quickly changed when news broke that he had visited a famous gentlemen's club in Atlanta. After the league reviewed the incident, Williams was made to undergo a 10-day quarantine upon returning to the bubble.

The crafty guard touched on Montrezl Harrell's status as well before turning his attention back to basketball.

"I was truly grieving," Williams said. "Then the attention turned to Magic City... It was just difficult to go through this. I really hope these fans understand what Trezz is going through while he's away."

Harrell, who left the bubble on July 17, has been dealing with the loss of his grandmother. As of now, his return date is unknown — and it's also not a priority for Doc Rivers, who said he told Harrell to come back whenever he's ready. 

Now that Williams is back and getting in reps again, he should only see more time on the court as the Clippers approach the postseason. 

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Do you think this decision will affect Lou/the team long-term?