The LA Clippers officially have a name for their new Inglewood arena - the Intuit Dome. The name reveal comes with the announcement that the LA Clippers and Intuit Inc have entered into a "23-year strategic partnership."

Intuit is known for being the parent company of TurboTax, QuickBooks, Credit Karma, and Mint. Through this partnership, the Clippers believe that the Intuit Dome will "deliver an innovative fan and consumer experience, and it will become a hub for programs that power economic prosperity and benefit the community."

The organization gave AllClippers an exclusive look at a mock design of the new arena ahead of Friday's groundbreaking ceremony. The setup for the suites and fan viewing experiences is something that I've never seen in another arena before; fans should definitely expect a premier and unique arena, this isn't going to be a normal arena. Here are some of the key arena features included in a press release by the Clippers:

"The Wall: At the east end of Intuit Dome – and conveniently near the visitor’s bench - lives the heartbeat of the arena, 51 uninterrupted rows of seats that include standing rail seating and a dedicated supporter's section that will provide a pulse and a constant source of energy. We brought in the sound experts from the Forum to help us enhance our acoustics so that The Wall isn’t just a section of passionate fans, but an architectural marvel."

"Halo Board: A halo worthy of Angelenos. We have created the largest scoreboard ever assembled for an arena to make sure fans can have a heads-up game-watching experience, and be able to watch both the game AND the Halo Board at the same time. The two-sided Halo Board will have 44,000 square feet of LED lights, compared to a typical arena’s 7,000, and have more replays, more videos and more advanced stats than any scoreboard in the world, handpicked by the same analytics team that presents Ty Lue his pregame scouting reports."

Mock design of the Halo Board.

Mock design of the Halo Board.

"The Plaza: The 80,000-square foot outdoor plaza is where fans will convene before the game or the show, and where they will linger after. Bordered by Roman steps, at one corner of the square is the Team Store; at another, a restaurant; and at two others, bars and lounges. At the center will be a full-sized basketball court, which will be open to the public to hoop before and after events, as well as on arena dark days. We envision hosting AAU tournaments as well as local youth leagues here. The outdoor court will have a key-to-key video board to show the action inside Intuit Dome, and let fans cheer on the Clips together while we’re on the road."

"Court B: This full-sized court is a mirror image of the court the pros play on and is named both for its secondary position in the arena and because it’s the “Ballmer Court.” It’ll be used for charity events, celebrity pick-up games, company outings and as a conference space."

There are more features expected for the Intuit Dome, but that's something fans will see over the next few years until its completion for the 2024-2025 NBA season. That journey begins for both the Clippers and their fans on Friday, as the groundbreaking for the arena kicks off in the morning. Until then, fans can hold onto this image of what their potential experience in the arena will look like.

Seating Bowl-04-Intuit-screen