Reggie Jackson Speaks Highly of LA Clippers Teammates, Chemistry

Reggie Jackson hasn't been with the LA Clippers for long, but he's already grown fond of his new teammates.
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Reggie Jackson may be one of the LA Clippers' most recent additions, but the 30-year-old guard already feels great about his teammates.

On a conference call with reporters Friday morning, Jackson had specific praise for both Patrick Beverley and Kawhi Leonard, commenting on their personalities and what they've done to keep guys energized.

"Pat Bev is nothing but energy. He's finding ways to get guys energized each and every day, whether it just be yelling at us just to be vocal and just talk to each other and have fun. He's always playful when he's on the court. So he's been leading that charge.

"Kawhi has a lot more personality than I think people give him credit for. I think you just have to be his teammate or be close to him. But the guy is amazing. He's funny. He's outgoing. He is who he is. I don't think a lot of people get to see who he is, and it's unfortunate for them."

Jackson also commented on the team's off-court chemistry, saying they've been in constant contact through texts and are having fun talking about what they're watching and eating in the bubble.

As far as the team's on-court chemistry goes, Doc Rivers said it'll take time to develop some continuity and that the Clippers "need to be in the gym" after making several moves right around the trade deadline.

The Clippers were rolling before the suspension of play, winning seven of their last eight games and dominating teams like the Denver Nuggets, Oklahoma City Thunder and Houston Rockets. Jackson was particularly impressive during that stretch, averaging 9.6 points, 3.0 rebounds and 3.1 assists while shooting 56% from the field and 48% beyond the arc. 

No matter how well a team is performing, though, an unexpected four-month break is something that's simply impossible to recover from. That doesn't mean LA won't look that good again, but fans need to be patient while the guys shake off the rust.

At the very least, it sounds like Jackson and the rest of the guys have been enjoying the process so far. 

The Clippers' scrimmage games will begin next week, and Rivers will likely ramp up the intensity of each before his team takes on the Los Angeles Lakers to begin the restarted season on July 30.