Lakers claim they weren't looking forward to facing Clippers

Farbod Esnaashari

The entire world wanted to see the Clippers and Lakers in the Western Conference Finals. Unfortunately for the world, the Clippers couldn't hold up their end of the bargain. The Lakers claim they weren't looking forward to the battle.

There was a clear and apparent rivalry between the Lakers and Clippers, despite how much both sides want to downplay it. The Clippers' entire season marketing campaign of "Streetlights Over Spotlights" was a dig at the Lakers. When the Clippers defeated the Lakers on Christmas, Montrezl Harrell screamed "that's how you ruin a Christmas" in the tunnel. Anytime the Lakers defeated the Clippers, Jared Dudley would tweet about the Clippers. Despite all of that, the Lakers claim they weren't looking forward to the duel.

It seemed like a meeting between the Clippers and the Lakers during the Western Conference Finals was going to be destiny this season. Every meeting between the two teams didn't disappoint, whether it was opening night, Christmas, or opening bubble night. The regular season series was tied at a very tight 2-2.

If there's one thing stronger than destiny though, it's the Clipper Curse. It's only fitting that Kawhi Leonard had the worst shooting night of his career during the most important game in LA Clippers history. No matter what either side says though, you better believe the Clippers wanted the Lakers, and that the Lakers wanted the Clippers.