Landry Shamet says Clippers' Chemistry has "increased more" during Quarantine

Farbod Esnaashari

The 2020 LA Clippers are a very enigmatic group. Throughout the entire pandemic fans have heard very little from them, literally not a single word has been said from Kawhi Leonard. Despite that, Landry Shamet says the communication is better than ever right now.

On a conference call with Sports Illustrated, Landry Shamet spoke about how the team chemistry has been impacted throughout quarantine. 

"We've been great," Shamet said. "We text all the time in our group chat, always talking, very open. Nothing has really changed there."

For those who are unaware, the Clippers have a very famous group chat that's been active all season. One where they crack jokes on each other, and occasionally accidentally spoil surprises. At one point in the group chat, a Clipper rookie accidentally ruined the players surprising Kawhi Leonard at his jersey retirement. The pandemic has only bolstered the digital communication between the Clippers.

"If anything it's increased more," Shamet said. "We've talked more, more active in our group chat, group text, Zoom calls, group FaceTimes, whatever it is. It's been great. We've stayed in touch."

The LA Clippers may be one of the best-prepared teams to handle a basketball return after the pandemic. Every single player has been supplied with a home gym, the team was an early adopter of group Zoom workouts, and the players have done every little detail to stay ready. 

The only thing that remains left for the Clippers is to just play basketball. If what Landry says is true, the communication on the court should be even better than before.