Lou Williams Pledges $25k Towards the bonds of Atlanta Protesters

Lou Williams is bailing out protesters.
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May 30, 2020 is a day that will be forever etched in American history. A day where the country decided it was fed up. A day where an endless amount of protests were carried across the entire country.

In a statement made on Instagram yesterday, Lou Williams encouraged protesters to continue their fight.

"I stand in solidarity with my black brothers & sisters in the long overdue fight for justice & equality. 

I encourage you to protest the best way you see fit without destroying our own community & black owned business.

I'm pledging $25k towards the bonds of Atlanta based protestors [.] The Chris Stewart legal team will automatically bond out citizens who have been processed in.

I challenge my friends to join this fund."

Williams has been a noted major advocate of the community throughout his NBA career. Often times, fans have associated him with his community outreach, and respected him for it. One such instance was when Williams managed to talk a gunman out of robbing a bank. It's a distinctly Lou Williams type of story, that only sounds believable coming from him.

The big thing to remember though, is that Williams is only supporting protesters, and not rioters. Williams' goal is to fight for justice, not the destruction of the community. Those are the people he's choosing to bail out.  

As time progresses, fans should expect more NBA players to take stances similar to Lou. It's a movement started by LeBron James, and trickled down to the league as a whole.