Lou Williams: 'We're pissed off. We were up 3-1'

Farbod Esnaashari

The Clippers had one of the biggest collapses in NBA history, and Lou Williams is furious about it.

Williams may be angry about the loss, but the team has nothing to blame but themselves. All season, the Clippers blew 20 point leads, played down to their competition, and didn't handle their business. In the biggest moment in franchise history, it caught up with them. It's not a matter of chemistry, fatigue, or anything else. 

When a team is up 16 points, 19 points, and 12 points in a close out situation, it's just a matter not tensing up and successfully executed. This isn't just on the players either, it's also on Doc Rivers. This is the fifth time in seven seasons under Doc Rivers that the Clippers have lost a playoff matchup after holding a series lead. 

"We had two opportunities to win this series and we didn't," Williams said. "We didn't close it out. So we're pissed off. We look forward to the opportunity to get back on the floor together."

Make no mistake, the Clippers are going to run it back, they have all the talent in the world to win a championship. Some pieces that may be missing are: Marcus Morris, Montrezl Harrell, and Reggie Jackson. The elephant in the room though is Doc Rivers. In order to truly progress forward, the team may need a fresh start at the coaching position.