Marcus Morris On Losing To The Nuggets: 'That Team Wasn't Better Than Us'

Marcus Morris still believes the Clippers were better than the Nuggets last season.

When Marcus Morris thinks about the Clippers blowing their 3-1 lead against the Denver Nuggets, it still stings. 

The main reason losing to the Nuggets hurts Morris is because he truly believes the Clippers were the better team. The saying typically goes "the better team won", but Morris certainly isn't alone in that sentiment among the Clippers.

That will likely serve as bulletin board material for the Nuggets when the teams meet again on Christmas Day.

Morris also said that "guys are very motivated to come back," and Ivica Zubac also mentioned during media week that the team is using the loss to stay determined to bounce back this season. The Clippers seem to be embracing looking back on how they failed rather than moving on without addressing the issues that collapse exposed. The team had zero sense of urgency throughout last season, and that's the biggest thing that needs to change.

The time for talk is over for the Clippers. The only thing left for them to do is handle their business all year. That's what the Lakers did last season, and that's what the Clippers appear intent on doing this year: Stay motivated, stay angry, and remember what happened last season.

"To be up and to lose, that put an extra sting in our mentalities, so now we got something to go out and prove," Morris said. "I think for the team, I think that’s gonna be big for us.”