Marcus Morris says he was in 'no man's land' last season

Marcus Morris felt lost last season, but his year his role feels more defined.
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Marcus Morris didn't have a clear role with the Clippers last season, and he felt that way himself too. 

Morris' uncertainty last season showed in some of his regular-season performance with the team, as he had one of his worst shooting percentages of his career: 10.1 PPG on 42/31/82 splits. 

This season, Marcus Morris has been fantastic in every single way possible. He immediately showed his willingness to win by volunteering to come off the bench since the starting lineup was doing so well. 

"It's great," Ty Lue said. "It just shows you a guy who is a professional and wants to win and wants to do what's best for the team."

He's stepped up as a great leader whenever the Clippers have been undermanned with injuries. The win against the Miami Heat was the perfect example of that: 32 points, 3 rebounds, 2 assists, 1 steal, on 73/75/100 shooting. Morris did everything the Clippers needed to pull out a win against the Miami Heat when the Clippers were missing four starters.

Marcus Morris played 19 regular-season games for the Clippers last season, and he's now played 20 regular-season games for the team this season. Here are his numbers this year: 12.1 PPG on 44/48/94 shooting. 

Whether it's from a different coaching system, or just having more time with the team, Marcus Morris is playing much better this season than he was last season. His words confirm it, his play shows it, and the Clippers are lucky to have him this year.