LA Mayor Garcetti says Sports Venues are in Consideration to House Hospital beds for COVID-19 Patients

Farbod Esnaashari

LA Mayor Garcetti spoke on television to address the COVID-19 pandemic today. Within the press conference was the topic of what to do with the overwhelming amount of COVID-19 patients.

"We've looked at sports venues," Garcetti said. "I want to thank the sports teams, I had a conference call with all of our LA sports teams. No matter who you root for, everyone was united when it came to COVID-19."

Sports venues includes places like: Staples Center, Dodger Stadium, and Banc of California Stadium. Fortunately for the city of Los Angeles, there are a plethora major sports teams, meaning there's a variety of space.

However, Mayor Garcetti is open to any big venues that are capable of housing hospital patients. It could even be somewhere like the LA Convention Center.

"We will use whatever spaces and places," Garcetti said.

According to Garcetti, movie studios have also reached out to be a potential destination. For the most part, all major movie studios have been completely cleared out, and are massive spaces of land.

"There's also theaters that are available, sound stages, we've had some folks from studios reach out," Garcetti said. "Sound stages have their own ventilation."

Also addressed in the press conference was how long Garcetti expects Los Angeles to be shutdown in quarantine. He believes it will take around 2-3 months, based on the results in Wuhan, China. Despite that, Garcetti is open to the idea that it could be more, or less than 2-3 months.

There is no real concrete timeline for how long this situation will take. Humanity isn't the one making the timeline, COVID-19 is the one making the timeline. If we want sports to come back, then we all have to tackle this efficiently, together.