Montrezl Harrell: 'I’m the modern-day Rodman, for real'

The two big men are built from the same mold
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Montrezl Harrell is a dog. He's undersized, fights for every rebound, and plays with a tenacity that very few players can match. For those reasons, he looks at himself as the modern-day Dennis Rodman.

In an interview on the Knuckleheads podcast with Quentin Richardson and Darius Miles, Montrezl Harrell talked about both his love for Dennis Rodman, and the similarities he saw between the two.

Other than the similar personality characteristics, both Rodman and Harrell have close matching physical attributes. Harrell is an undersized 6'8'' center/forward, and Rodman was also an undersized 6'7'' center/forward. While Harrell isn't quite the rebounder Rodman was, their games are still similar. That similarity is what makes Harrell appreciate Rodman, and that infatuation only grew during 'The Last Dance.'

"Like, even after the documentary, I got on Twitter and tweeted 'Hey man, we gotta give a lot more credit then what we did,' Harrell said. "

For Harrell, he looked up to any player that was able to get out of the mud. Anyone just consistently working to become something bigger than what they're expected to be.

"I just looked up to guys who just worked, just competed, just got after it," Harrell said. "I looked up to guys known for that dog mentality."

While Rodman may have frustrated all of his opponents, there was always a respect for the audacity of the man. He was always willing to be unapologetically himself. The name "Rodman" meant something in a way that only superstars receive. That's what made Quentin Richardson a fan.

“I’m not gonna say he was as big as Jordan… but bro’ he was right there," Richardson said. "He was Rodman. Anything he did, anywhere he went, anywhere he showed up, it was bananas. Rodman was out of here."

If Montrezl Harrell's career were to end today, and his legacy was one of being the modern-day Dennis Rodman, it's fair to say his career was a success.