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NBA Insider Reveals James Harden Still Wants Clippers Trade

James Harden still wants a trade from the Philadelphia 76ers to the LA Clippers
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With training camp less than two weeks away, it seems the Philadelphia 76ers are more hopeful than even that James Harden will report to camp and suit up for the new season. With no trade offers they deem appropriate, the 76ers have chosen to shut down trade talks for their star guard in hopes he shows up and helps them win games this season.

While Harden may realize this is his best option, as opposed to sitting out and risking fines and other consequences, the former league MVP reportedly still wants a trade to the LA Clippers. In his latest article, which was primarily about Damian Lillard, Jake Fischer of Yahoo Sports wrote the following:

"Since the initial July talks stemming from Lillard’s trade request did not result in a deal to his preferred destination of Miami or another potential landing spot such as Brooklyn, the beginning of training camp — and media day Oct. 2 — has loomed as the unofficial deadline for Portland to part with Lillard and start a new Blazers era in earnest. That's even more so than the ongoing dynamic in Philadelphia, where James Harden still hopes to be moved to the LA Clippers, sources said."

This is not a major update, but it confirms Harden has not changed his mind the way the 76ers hoped he would. While Harden's desire for a Clippers trade does not mean he will refuse to join the 76ers in camp, it makes that outcome - or something even more dramatic, seem likelier.

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