Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Milwaukee Bucks stunned the NBA world during both their Game 4 and Game 5 wins. The biggest climax of their most recent Game 5 win was a perfectly timed steal by Jrue Holiday and a dunk by Giannis. One of the more unspoken parts about the play was Chris Paul shoving Giannis in mid-air.

One Twitter user noted that there wasn't much scrutiny given towards Chris Paul for the play, and felt like it would have been a much different story if Patrick Beverley committed the foul. So he decided to tag Patrick Beverley in the photo, and Beverley had one thing to say - "No comment"

Patrick Beverley knows his reputation around the league. He's told us firsthand about how the media thinks he's a "dirty player." Given the situation that already happened with Chris Paul in Game 6, Patrick Beverley knew the smart decision was to not comment on anything. Chris Paul has made some questionable decisions throughout his career that could be considered dirty, but Patrick Beverley can't be the one to comment on it.

The Phoenix Suns are on the brink of elimination against the Milwaukee Bucks. What remains ahead is going to be a very explosive off-season, where point guards will likely dominate the free-agent market. The Clippers will have some very important decisions to make during this time period.

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