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Anytime the Clippers have faced the Suns this season, things have gotten testy. Last night was no exception.

As Paul George and Chris Paul were giving their post-game handshakes, they both had an awkward little encounter. Both Paul George and Chris Paul stared at each other, took a moment to acknowledge it, and then refused to shake each other's hands. Now it could have just been an awkward moment caught on camera, but Paul George's post-game comments seem to indicate otherwise.

When George was asked about Chris Paul's performance after the game, all George had to say was "next question."

Throughout their entire careers, there never seemed to be a moment that indicated that Chris Paul and Paul George disliking each other. That's changed a bit this season, even before this moment. There was another awkward moment in January between the two, that seemed to start this animosity.

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“I was talking to the ref, [Chris Paul] jumped in and it escalated from there,” George said in January. There was never any altercation, there was always peace when I am on the floor but for whatever reason, there’s a lot of chirping and people just living in the past."

Every single game the Clippers and Suns have played against each other has been entertaining. Both from an on-court standpoint, and a rivalry standpoint. Get the popcorn ready if these two teams face off in the playoffs.

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