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'Kawhi is a man of business': Kawhi Leonard shows playoff poise

Playoff Kawhi Leonard proved why he's the reigning Finals MVP

Kawhi Leonard is a completely different player during the playoffs.

When the Clippers needed Kawhi Leonard to close out the series against the Dallas Mavericks, that's exactly what he did. During the fourth quarter, he became unstoppable from the mid-range, hitting three jumpers in a row, and shooting 9/10 in the second half overall. His reliability and consistency took the Clippers to the second round.

It was in those moments that Doc Rivers realized just what type of a player Kawhi is. He's obviously seen it from afar, but in person is a completely different situation.

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While everyone in the world was impressed with what Kawhi can do, for him. it truly is just business. Basketball is a game, one where Kawhi is out there to have fun, and out there to win. Everyone is playing under pressure, everyone wants to win a championship, but at the end of the day, basketball is a game of passion. It's game players are playing because they love it, and have fun.

"You know, the most fun you have is coming out here, for me, is playing in a basketball game."