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Paul George on Joining the Clippers: "Immediately, we expected to come in and win it all"

It's championship or bust for the LA Clippers

It's championship or bust for the LA Clippers. At the beginning of the season, some fans speculated that it'll take maybe a year or two for the team to reach their full potential. Paul George put that all to rest.

Paul George joined Kevin Hart on the Laugh Out Loud Network's "Cold as Balls" interview show, where he discussed the return of sports, and his overall career journey. Produced by OBB Media, the show has featured a variety of NBA players, ranging from Blake Griffin to Dennis Rodman.

The moment George joined the LA Clippers, he expected the team would win a championship.

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George believes the Clippers are still going to compete for a championship, despite the NBA hiatus. He does believe there will be a little bit of a slump in the beginning stages though.

"I think it's going to go through stages. Yeah, when we first start back up, everybody is weird about no fans being there. I think honestly bro, we're going to be so excited to hoop again, and so excited to ball again, that's not going to matter."

The idea of playing without fans will be the hardest idea for players to acclimate. Many players have never played in an empty arena in their life, and there are going to be minor details to get used to. Some players, like Ivica Zubac, see no problem in it because they've played in virtually empty arenas overseas.

It'll certainly be interesting to hear how play-calling will be executed, how trash talking will be executed, and how players who feed off of fans will be affected. Most players have stated it'll be a weird condition to play in, but will end up being just a bump in the road. 

Regardless of the current climate, the LA Clippers have done everything in their power to compete for a championship. From signing Reggie Jackson and Marcus Morris in the middle of the season, to acquiring Paul George and Kawhi Leonard in the offseason, all the pieces are aligned. In the words of Patrick Beverley, the only thing that's left is to "check ball."