The Clippers disappointingly dropped Game 1 to the Utah Jazz, and Donovan Mitchell's amazing second half was the main reason why. He absolutely carried the team, and Paul George was impressed with Mitchell's growth as a leader.

"Yeah, I mean, he's just super aggressive," George said. "He's super aggressive. He stays in attack mode and you know, he's got a strong body, so he uses that body. He's explosive. I think he showed -- he's showing a lot growth in that area of just putting the team on his back and stepping up as their leader."

Stepping up is an understatement in regards to what Donovan Mitchell did to the Clippers in Game 1 - he absolutely destroyed them. In the second half, Mitchell had 32 points on 11/16 shooting, 4/7 from three, 6/7 from the line, 2 rebounds, 3 assists, and a block on Kawhi Leonard. He got literally anything he wanted and carried the Utah Jazz on his back without Mike Conley for the win. Mitchell even outscored both Kawhi Leonard and Paul George by himself, on way more efficient shooting.

Donovan Mitchell: 45 points, 16/30 FGs, 6/15 3Ps, 7/8 FTs
Kawhi Leonard: 23 points, 9/19 FGs, 1/4 3Ps, 4/4 FTs
Paul George: 20 points, 4/17 FGs, 3/8 3P,s 9/10 FTs

Losing Game 1 isn't a big deal for the Clippers who just played a Game 7 two days ago. However, it's a completely botched opportunity given the fact that the Utah Jazz were missing Mike Conley, and missed 21 straight shots at one point. LA will have 48 hours to adjust and come up with a win on Thursday night.

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