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Reggie Miller: 'Paul George needs to start looking at himself'

Reggie Miller needs more from Paul George

The 2020 off-season isn't going to be fun for Paul George; all eyes are on him. Reggie Miller won't be the last, but he's one of the biggest names looking at George during this off-season.

While Paul George wasn't as bad in the Denver series as everyone acts like he was, the last image of him in these 2020 playoffs isn't pretty: A side of the backboard three-pointer, and a blatant lie of saying "this isn't a championship or bust year." In the sports world, people will always go by the mantra of "what have you done for me lately?" Unfortunately for George, he hasn't done anything. 

"I want names," Miller said. "Don’t be cryptic, Paul George. I want names. If they are talking about Doc Rivers, here’s the problem. If you get rid of Doc Rivers, who are you going to bring in other than Doc? I know he’s been down this road before being up 3-1, but who are you going to bring in that’s better than Doc?"

George isn't the only player who should be looking at himself in the mirror. For the most part, the entire Clipper bench shoulders the same blame as him, probably even more. The reason why Kawhi Leonard gets a pass is because he only had two bad playoff games, and has already won two Finals MVPs. It's the job of George, and the rest of the Clippers, to pull up Kawhi Leonard when he has those two outlier bad games, and they didn't.

Regardless of what anyone tells you, the 2020-21 season will be the most important season in Clipper history, and a very important year for Paul George.