Report: Mike Brown made a strong impression on Clippers

Mike Brown has reportedly become a strong coaching candidate for the Clippers
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According to a report from Marc Stein, Mike Brown made a strong impression on the Clippers during his interview, and has become a serious candidate as the next head coach of the team.

As stated in a previous article, Mike Brown is currently an assistant for the Golden State Warriors. His most notable coaching stint was with the Cleveland Cavaliers, where he won coach of the year with LeBron James at his side in 2009. 

Brown has a long coaching history: Wizards assistant (1997-99), Spurs assistant (2000-03), Pacers assistant (2003-05), Cavaliers head coach (2005-10), Lakers coach (2011-12), Cavaliers head coach (2013-14), Warriors assistant (2016-present).

While Brown has a good amount of experience as a coach, it's hard to believe that he'd be a step above Doc Rivers. Take note that whatever decision the LA Clippers have made in the last three years, they've been made in stealth. No one expected Blake Griffin to be traded, no one expected Tobias Harris to be traded, and no one expected Kawhi Leonard and Paul George to be acquired on the same day.

With that in mind, these reports should be taken with a grain of salt. The Clippers don't leak out whatever information they're actually going to move on. While Brown may have impressed them from his own perspective, that information could have come directly from his side and not the Clippers.

Whoever the Clippers should acquire as their next head coach, they need to be someone with the capability of making fantastic playoff adjuments. Who would you like to see as the next head coach of the LA Clippers?