Sources: Kawhi Leonard and Paul George are Currently Negative for COVID-19

Kawhi and PG are currently negative for COVID-19, with the hope that they can join the road trip.

Kawhi Leonard and Paul George will not be playing against the Atlanta Hawks on Tuesday due to "Health and Safety Protocols," however there is still hope that they may join the road trip.

Sources have told AllClippers that the All-Stars are currently testing negative for COVID-19. If they continue to test negative, they could potentially join the team by Friday against the Orlando Magic. All of that can change should they suddenly have a positive test, but right now things are looking okay.

Ty Lue spoke about the situation pre-game, but also didn't give any clear indication about when they would return.

"It's so much uncertainty with the COVID situation, you never know," Ty Lue said. "It's tough. Like you said we were playing well, getting things together offensively and defensively and that can't stop tonight because PG and Kawhi and Pat's out... It's a tough time, but thankfully those guys are feeling well, and they can get better and hopefully join the team soon."

Lue's tone makes it sound like Kawhi and George may be sick, but we can confirm that the two of them have currently tested negative for COVID-19.

The Clippers' next game is Thursday against the Miami Heat, who may be without Jimmy Butler as he is dealing with his own COVID-19 situation. The following game against the Orlando Magic is when the Clippers are hoping Leonard and George can return.