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Steve Ballmer on Doc Rivers stepping down: 'I am immeasurably grateful to Doc'

Steve Ballmer speaks on Doc Rivers stepping down as coach of the Clippers.

The Clippers shook the NBA world today, as Doc Rivers has officially stepped down as head coach of the LA Clippers. Rivers has been the coach for the last seven seasons; leading the franchise to some of their highest moments, and lowest playoff moments.

Shortly after Adrian Wojnarowski's initial report, the Clippers sent out a formal press release stating the news.

Press Release

"Doc has been a terrific coach for the Clippers, an incredible ambassador, and a pillar of strength during tumultuous times," Ballmer said. "He won a heck of a lot of games and laid a foundation for this franchise."

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On one end, Doc Rivers singlehandedly carried the Clippers during their darkest hour; when the Donald Sterling tapes broke. He met with every single member of the Clippers staff, consoling them through tears as angry individuals called their phone lines nonstop. It was a moment that only Doc was fit to handle, and one that would make him a Clipper for life. He's had tremendous regular-season success and brought out the absolute best in players like DeAndre Jordan. He was in charge of the Clippers getting their highest seed in franchise history, and their best regular-season record.

On the other end, Rivers has only won three playoff series in seven years with the LA Clippers. In those three wins, only one of them finished without going seven games. He's blown two 3-1 leads in five years, with teams that were more talented than their opposition. Losing two 3-1 leads in five years was more than likely the tipping point for Steve Ballmer.

"I am immeasurably grateful to Doc for his commitment and contribution to the Clippers and the city of Los Angeles," Ballmer said. "I am also extremely confident in our front office and our players. We will find the right coach to lead us forward and help us reach our ultimate goals. We will begin the search and interview process immediately."