'Feels good to get a win after that atrocious loss': Clippers bounce back after historic loss

The Clippers knew what they had to do, and got it done.
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The Clippers suffered their worst regular-season loss in history on Sunday afternoon. While it's only Game 3 of 72, it was still history. There was only one appropriate way to respond, and that's what they did.

The Clippers needed to prove they could win without Kawhi Leonard this season, and they proved it on the court - a 30 point blowout against the Minnesota Timberwolves. It goes without saying, a loss after Sunday's performance would have been terrible for morale. Fortunately for Clipper fans, the team entered Tuesday's game with a sense of vengeance. 

It's still too early to tell what the Clippers' identity is, but the ball movement has been tremendous so far. The team had 32 assists on 47 made shots against the Timberwolves. One thing that is curious is though, is how the Clippers will respond when their three-point shot isn't falling. In every single win, they've been lights out from deep and led by at least 20 points. For Ty Lue, it's all about effort.

This was a perfect game for the Clippers. It was a much-needed bounce-back where no starter played more than 28 minutes in the blowout. The rested Portland Trailblazers are waiting for them tomorrow, and have all the confidence in the world after beating the defending champions. A new test will begin then.

After all the overreaction over a 51 point loss, the Clippers return with a 30 point victory, and as the early heads of the Western Conference.