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NBA Draft Scouting Report: G League Ignite’s Scoot Henderson

Scouting Report: Scoot Henderson

Scoot Henderson 

Guard | G League Ignite

Height: 6’2” | Weight: 195 lbs

2023 Draft Age: 19.38

Scoot Henderson, 2023 NBA Draft, G League Ignite

Prospect Profile 

By the time he’s drafted, Henderson will have two full seasons of professional experience in the G League. If it weren’t for a generational prospect like Victor Wembanyama being in this class, Henderson would be in the running for the No. 1 pick at this point.

While Henderson does lack height at 6-foot-2, his athleticism, strength and 6-foot-9 wingspan make up for it. He’s ready today to be the point guard of an NBA team.

An elite leaper, Henderson is incredibly explosive. He’s one of the better athletes in this class, which is saying something given who that puts him up against.

The unique compilation of speed and explosiveness makes Henderson a menace in transition. Even in half-court sets, he is slippery in traffic and experienced in dissecting defenses off the dribble. Furthermore, he’s smart with the ball and takes good care of it.

Whether Henderson dunks the ball with emphasis at the end of a drive or lays it in with finesse, his touch near the rim is elite. He’s able to convert on highly difficult attempts with either hand. He’s got a ridiculous first step and a robust layup package that’s only getting better. Not only does he have to speed to blow by defenders, but Henderson also has a deadly hesitation dribble that keeps defenses guessing where he’s going next.

The basketball IQ of Henderson is impressive given his age, rarely making major mistakes despite playing at the professional level as a teenager.

The one knock on Henderson is his 3-point shot. For two-straight seasons in the G League, he made less than 30% of his attempts from beyond the arc. With that in mind, he has a very effective midrange jumper that gives us optimism the deeper shot will come around. It’s worth noting he went from a high school 3-point line to the NBA distance, which is quite an adjustment.

Again, the Henderson’s midrange game is really good. He’s great at squaring up his body to the rim regardless of how advanced the actual shot he’s taking is. As such, he’s an elite scorer at two levels, but needs to improve drastically from deep round out his offensive game.

While he’s projected to be one of the top three picks either way, the 3-point shot is what most teams will keep a close eye on the pre-draft process. The mechanics are fluid and quick, which is a promising sign for the young guard.

Not only is Henderson a great scorer, but he’s also a facilitator as a true point guard. He produced nearly four assists per game in his first Ignite season as a 17-year-old, then almost seven in year two. He’s also a fantastic positional rebounder, notching roughly five per contest in two seasons at the G League level. Henderson has a nose for the ball, which is why he’s an underrated offensive rebounder.

Defensively, Henderson is pesky but undisciplined at times. He’s got work to do on that end, especially as it relates to limiting fouls. What is promising is that he’s got good natural timing as a shot blocker and has flashed upside on that end.

Henderson was one of the primary scorers for the Ignite the last two seasons, even when he had to compete with several other great guards for shots in Jaden Hardy, Dyson Daniels and others. He showed that he is an alpha and ready to be the face of an NBA team as soon as next season. 

Behind Victor Wembanyama, who will be the top pick in the 2023 NBA Draft, Henderson will compete with Brandon Miller for the second prospect taken off the board.


Draft Projection 

Top Three Pick in 2023 NBA Draft.

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