Heat's Andre Iguodala spending time with family on West Coast during play stoppage

Shandel Richardson

Miami Heat forward Andre Iguodala made the decision once he learned the NBA banned players from visiting any team facility while play was suspended.

It was then when he decided to leave South Florida so he could reunite with family on the West Coast during the league-mandated suspension due to the coronavirus crisis.

"Once it was known that we weren’t going to be able to use team facilities, just before that," Iguodala told Heat.com. "Initially, it was a two-weeks to a month type of thing of a delay, so I figured I would get back to the family really fast and then get back to the team. Once I got out here, we were shutting down everything. That’s when you knew it was time to lock in, set a daily schedule and optimize your days."

Iguodala, who was acquired from Memphis in a trade just before All-Star break, said he has the equipment at home needed to remain in shape. He has also been in constant communication with Heat strength and conditioning coach Eric Foran, who provided a daily workout schedule.

"The biggest adjustment for me was getting back to the family on the West Coast and making sure everything was good back there," Iguodala said. "I was trying to figure out the logistics of when do I leave or when am I coming back? If the season is going to come back, if so when and how is that going to look? Once I got back home it became pretty normal pretty quickly. I’ve got a whole setup as far as gym equipment. A lot of guys are on bikes or treadmills."

Iguodala has remained positive throughout the ordeal. Aside from exercising, reading has been his main activity.

"It’s really just regular for us," Iguodala said. "It’s like, ‘Alright, you go outside and play. Alright, you can have screen time for an hour. Alright, go read a book.’ With the kids, for us, we have more time to read so that’s what I’ve been doing a lot. We’ve set some goals in terms of how fast can we get a book read? In one month, how many books can we get through? When shelter in place gets extended, we just extend with what we have in the house. We’ve learned to make the most of it and try to see the positive as far as spending time with family and reaching out to those we haven’t spoken to in a while and making sure they’re OK."

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