Miami Heat's Duncan Robinson More Motivated Than Ever

Miami Heat forward Duncan Robinson wants to improve on record-breaking season
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Even though Miami Heat forward Duncan Robinson went from G league standout to the team’s single-season record-holder for 3-pointers, he still feels there is more to prove.

Robinson remains disappointed from his subpar performance in the NBA Finals. He shot just 35 percent from the field.

“Motivation is at an all-time high,” Robinson said. I was very disappointed in how I played in those in first two games in the Finals. Not necessarily just because I didn’t make shots. I felt like that I kind of got away from who I was.”

Last year Robinson shot 47 percent, including 44 percent from the 3-point line. He set the franchise record with 270 3-pointers. Historically, Robinson had one of the best seasons the NBA has seen.

Still, he feels there is room for improvement. For starters, his game will have to advance now that he will appear on the opponent’s scouting report after being an unknown last season.

“I always think there’s area for improvement,” Robinson said. “Self-improvement is obviously a huge focus of this organization, also myself. It might not always show through in terms of shooting a higher percentage. It might not always show up statistically just based off that percentage. I’m obviously going to be keyed in probably more so and teams are going to try to take away what it is I want to do. A lot of the development will come in being more effective in getting to those spots that I’m able to be successful in.” 

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