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With the NBA set to reveal its Top 75 players to commemorate the 75th season of the league, several media outlets are releasing similar lists. 

Earlier this week, Sporting News took its shot of ranking the best players in league history. The Heat were represented, with former guard and future Hall of Famer Dwyane Wade checking in at No. 23. Center Alonzo Mourning, who, like Wade, is considered a "Heat-Lifer" ranked No. 68. 

Wade is easily the most decorated player in franchise history, winning three championships and being the franchise's all-time leading scorer. Here's what Sporting News had to say: 

"In 2011, John Hollinger made the case that D-Wade’s 2006 run was the single most dominant Finals performance in NBA history. How's that for peak performance! Wade’s 2006 run will forever haunt the dreams of the devoted Mavericks fans, the final four games were an onslaught and Dallas had no answer. 2009 Wade was also just a half-step behind LeBron James in terms of athletic ability and overall output, a special regular season year that might be amongst the best ever not to culminate in an MVP award."

There were a few other players with Heat ties to also make the list. 

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LeBron James, who led Miami to NBA titles in 2012 and 2013, was No. 2 behind Michael Jordan. Ray Allen, who played two seasons with the Heat, ranked No. 66. 

The full Sporting News list can be found here.

The NBA will release its rankings the week the regular season begins.

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