Maintaining health is the Main Concern for Miami Heat's Goran Dragic

After missing most of the NBA Finals because of a foot injury, Miami Heat guard Goran Dragic focused on staying healthy
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Miami Heat guard Goran Dragic spent the final five games of the NBA Finals because of a foot injury.

Two months later, he is close to 100 percent and should be ready for the start of the season.

“I just finished three straight practices, running shooting,” said Dragic, the Heat's second-leading scorer. “My foot reacted well. No pain, nothing, just a little bit of stiffness in the morning and that’s it.”

Dragic, who recently signed a two-year contract to remain with the Heat, tore his plantar fascia in Game 1 of the Finals. He attempted to return in the series finale but was unable to play through the pain. The Heat were impacted by Dragic’s absence because many felt the outcome could have different if he were healthy.

The Heat could turn to load management to ensure Dragic’s health throughout the season. Still, Dragic said he is confident in his backups, including Tyler Herro and Kendrick Nunn. He said the most important thing is to take of his body.

“I don’t know,” Dragic said. “That’s coach’s decision but yeah we and the Lakers had the least rest and it’s crucial to be healthy all season and to be in good shape. I’m not worried about that because we have so many players who can step up. Each given night, it could be somebody else.” 

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