Jae Crowder was fortunate enough to make the NBA Finals last year as a member of the Miami Heat. 

After losing to the Los Angeles Lakers a year ago in the bubble in Orlando, Crowder is hoping for a different feeling once this year's version concludes. He has played a key role in helping the Phoenix Suns advance to play the Milwaukee Bucks in the Finals. 

The series opens Tuesday in Phoenix. 

"I'm very grateful for the opportunity, but I'm looking for a different outcome than I had last time honestly," Crowder said during Monday's media availability. "That's all fine that I've been here before, but I haven't won anything. So, it really doesn't mean anything to me personally."

The Heat declined to re-sign Crowder despite his productivity last season. His move to the starting lineup during the playoffs was a key part of the season. He has proven a valuable commodity for the Suns, who missed the postseasons last year and are making their Finals appearance since 1993. 

 "I use my last stint as motivation to get back here to have a chance to play for it all again, to work my way to be in this position," Crowder said. "Hopefully it's a different result, and that's my motivation in it all .... I want to get the job done this time."

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