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Miami Heat guard Kyle Lowry had just five points and six assists in Thursday's victory against the Milwaukee Bucks, but teammates are already loving his impact. 

Here's a look at what the Heat had to say about his first regular season in a Heat uniform: 

JIMMY BUTLER: “Kyle is always looking to pass the ball to guys and get them easy buckets in their spots. I can focus on putting the ball in the basket a lot more. I like that. I work on that consistently. The guys in this locker room feel comfortable with me shooting any shot, Tyler shooting any shot. Duncan, Bam and all the way down the line. With Kyle playing the way that he plays, it gives us the freedom to just hoop. That’s my guy. It is definitely a blessing to share the floor with him and everyone knows the love I have for him.”

TYLER HERRO: “I love playing with Kyle. My first two years in the league, I didn’t really have a point guard who could get everyone organized into their spots. That’s no knock on my previous teammates. But the way Kyle gets everyone to their spots, he just understands the game at a level not many people do. Being next to him is obviously amazing for me.” 

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BAM ADEBAYO: “It’s really because of Kyle in all honesty. The way he pitches the ball ahead. The way he keeps the pace going. I feel like that’s a big part of Kyle. He knows how to get other people involved. His biggest thing is to get Jimmy and me to our spots.”

The Heat play at the Indiana Pacers at 7 p.m. Saturday

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