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Without a doubt, the Miami Heat are expecting big things from center Bam Adebayo. 

He's improved each season and they are awaiting the next step. On Tuesday, team president Pat Riley offered his thoughts on the expectations of Adebayo this season. 

"He's gotten extraordinarily, not just a little bit, better across the board," Riley said. "He's gotten more confidence." 

Riley, who met with reporters at FTX Arena, said the organization has always been impressed with Adebayo's versatility, defense and ball-handling. The hope now is Adebayo becoming a consistent scorer. 

Riley hinted the Heat may even adjust their offense to Adebayo's liking. 

"I think you might just see a flat our scorer this year with the ability to be able to make players," Riley said. "It isn't getting permission from your head coach, it's having the offense evolve where it gives you permission to play." 

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Even with the presence of All-Star Jimmy Butler and the acquisition of Kyle Lowry, Riley said Adebayo is perhaps the most vital component to a successful season. 

"Having Jimmy and Kyle, those two players in particular are good play-makers, scorers," Riley said "... I think one of the great keys is the development of Bam." 

Check back later for more of what Riley had to say about the upcoming season. The Heat open the schedule Thursday at home against the defending champion Milwaukee Bucks

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