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The Miami Heat are considered one of the NBA's oldest teams but they have one of the top youngest duos.

According to Bleacher Report, guard Tyler Herro and center Bam Adebayo are the No. 2 under 25 tandem in the league. They only trail Atlanta's combo of All-Star guard Trae Young and forward John Collins. 

Herro is the Heat's second-leading scorer and is the leading candidate for the Sixth Man of the Year award. 

"His capacity to knock down difficult looks is genuine and offsets ebbing volume around the hoop," Bleacher Report's Dan Favale wrote. "He's hitting more than 51 percent of his mid-range jumpers and 37 percent of his pull-up triples—a top-five mark among everyone averaging at least four off-the-dribble treys per game. Now feels like a good time to note he's still just 21."

Adebayo, who made the All-Star game in 2020, was in the middle of another solid season before it was interrupted because of upcoming thumb surgery. He is expected to miss six weeks. 

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"Adebayo's stardom is more entrenched," Favale wrote. "The 24-year-old now pairs his intuitive interior game with an operable touch from mid-range and remains an otherworldly playmaker. His assists are down, but he still passes guys open from a standstill and while on the move."

The full rankings can be found here

The Heat return to action Friday at the Indiana Pacers.

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