Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra says Tyler Herro Should Be Judged on More Than Just Scoring

After Tyler Herro scored 31 points against the Washington Wizards, Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra says his all around game continues to improve
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After Miami Heat guard Tyler Herro scored a season-high 31 points Saturday against the Boston Celtics, all coach Erik Spoelstra could think about was the intangibles. 

Spoelstra was focused on the nine rebounds, two assists and Herro's defense. 

“He’s made significant jumps in his defense, when we had him guard Brandon Ingram one game, had him guard Jayson Tatum another game," Spoelstra said. "It shows you how far he’s come defensively. He’s had 15 rebounds in a game. He’s making much better reads on different coverages, where it’s not always just the shot, but it’s making plays for others. I think his game is growing.”

Scoring has never been a concern for Herro. The Heat knew he could produce offensively when they drafted him in 2019. Becoming a complete player has always been the main objective. 

“I feel like I’m a complete player, on the offensive end for sure,” Herro said. “I feel like I can make plays, finish around the rim. But I think I’ve tried to add everything and just to improve in the offseason and even during the season. I just try to continue to get better. There’s still work to be done obviously.”

With the Heat set to play the Boston Celtics Sunday, Spoelstra just wants to see continued growth. 

“Each game is different,” Spoelstra said. “I think this is part of maybe the education of people, fans or whoever out there. Tyler has been growing. It’s just a shame people will only look at that final column to see whether he’s made a big jump.

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