Film sessions have been key for Miami Heat's Tyler Herro

Shandel Richardson

Miami Heat rookie Tyler Herro used his time wisely while sitting 15 games earlier this season because of an ankle injury.

Herro said it provided him opportunity to study film on teammates and other players around the league.

"When I was out, I was able to sit back and really just reflect and learn on the time I played," Herro said. "When I was sitting out, I got to watch my teammates playing and other guys around the league and really dissect things from them. Now, I'm just really excited to get back out there. I'm finally healthy. I missed 15 games. I'm just ready to get out there. Whatever coach has me doing, I'm willing to do it."

Herro was among the league's top rookies before the injury, averaging 12.9 points, four rebounds and 1.9 assists. He played just one game before the NBA suspended the season March 11 because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Among the players he watched while sidelined were Golden State's Klay Thompson, Bradley Beal (Washington Wizards), CJ McCollum (Portland Trail Blazers and retired players Ray Allen and Steven Nash.

"You know, Klay and Ray, they do the catch-and-shoot very well," Herro said. "So that's the thing that I pay attention to when I'm watching them. But every player that I watch, or the coaches have me watch, I can dissect something new or something different from their game to try to add it to mine."

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This is good training for those who will play at a higher level but time is limited and the kids need to get an academic education as well.


In high school remember watching film for football but there were few film sessions for basketball or maybe I just wasn't invited. 🤔😏

I hear that film sessions are more regular at the high school level these days.

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Shandel Richardson
Shandel Richardson


It's definitely more available nowadays. It was unheard of during our day