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Portland Trail Blazers Reportedly Aren't Interested In Trading For Tyler Herro

With an abundance of young guards, the Portland Trail Blazers not eyeing Tyler Herro

The Portland Trailblazers have no interest in the Miami Heat's Tyler Herro because they have a core already built around young guards.

If Damian Lillard is traded to the Heat, ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski said the Blazers aren't expecting Herro in the deal. 

"Portland doesn’t have interest in bringing in Tyler Herro," Wojnarowski said Tuesday morning on SportsCenter. "Their group already is built around young guards... Their focus is elsewhere getting maximum value for [Damian Lillard]."

Herro just wrapped up his second straight 20-point scoring season, shooting 44 percent from the field and 37.8 percent from beyond the arc.

Portland’s lack of interest in him likely stems from Herro entering the first year of a four-year, $120 million contract. There's also the crowded backcourt issue. 

Their young guards include this year’s No. 3 pick, Scoot Henderson, and last year’s lottery pick, Shaedon Sharpe. The Trailblazers feel they are already have a promising, young backcourt. 

It is probable that a trade sending Lillard to the Heat would require at least a third team to get involved. The Brooklyn Nets have shown interest in Herro while having valuable pieces and draft capital to send to Portland. They could send multiple first-round picks along with players such as Ben Simmons and Nic Claxton.

Lillard does not have a no-trade clause, allowing Portland to focus on receiving maximum value for him. With Lillard only wanting to play for Miami, the Trailblazers will look to begin talks with a team interested in Herro to see if the value is right for them.

Anthony Pasciolla is a contributor to Inside The Heat. He can be reached at or follow him on Tik Tok @anthonysports_