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Hornets Fan Survey: Part 2

Is LaMelo Ball fans' favorite Hornet of all time? Who is the least popular Hornets player in history?

Is LaMelo Ball your favorite Bobcats/Hornets player of all time?



Analysis: You would expect the 19% of the people who completed this survey who started following the team when LaMelo was drafted to side 2021 rookie of the year. It's interesting for another 12% of fans LaMelo has already overtaken Kemba Walker and other notable Bobcats/Hornets players in some peoples minds.

Is Kemba Walker your favorite former Bobcat/Hornets (Modern era) player of all time?



Analysis: If Kemba Walker were to return to the team as rumored earlier this off-season 59% of the fanbase would see the return of their favorite player. It's surprising this number isn't a little higher, I wonder if Kemba's struggles since leaving Charlotte has marred his legacy as a player and made some re-consider. If LaMelo Ball continues on his trajectory I expect him to surpass Kemba by the end of his rookie contract.

Removing LaMelo Ball from the equation, who is your favorite current Hornets player?

Terry Rozier (41%)

PJ Washington (18%)

Cody Martin (8%)

James Bouknight (8%)

Kai Jones (7%)

Everyone Else (<3%)

Analysis: I think Miles Bridges would have been the runaway winner before his off-court incidents this summer. It's no surprise that Rozier now is now next in line with a strong 41% share of the vote. I voted for Cody Martin who I'm somewhat surprised isn't higher than Bouknight after a disappointing rookie year, the Bouknight hive is strong. Where's the love for Mark Williams? I have a feeling he could be in the top 5 by the end of the year.

Who is your favorite former Hornet from this group?

Muggsy Bogues (30%)

Dell Curry (24%)

Larry Johnson (19%)

Baron Davis (12%)

Alonzo Mourning (8%)

Glen Rice (7%)

Analysis: For a lot of younger fans Muggsy and Dell are the most recognisable names hence why they might have won the vote despite not being the all star calibre players of the other guys. It is sad in someways that Charlotte's most beloved former players are a 6th man and a league average starting point guard. Hopefully post Kemba's career he could settle into a similar role as an ambassador with the team with some All-Star and All-NBA history to his name. I know his family is still based in Charlotte and he often refers to it as "Home".

Who is your favorite former Bobcats/Hornets player from this group?

Gerald Wallace (32%)

Al Jefferson (30%)

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Marvin Williams (12%)

Bismack Biyombo (12%)

Cody Zeller (10%)

Raymond Felton (2%)

Emeka Okafor (2%)

Analysis: Gerald Wallace JUST edges out Al Jefferson and rightfully so in my opinion. Wallace played six seasons in Charlotte to Al's two and was the ONLY reason to watch the Bobcats between 2005-2010. Wallace was a fantastic two way player who was an All-Star and All-Defense 1st Team member in 2010, he brought joy with his exciting arrange of dunks that culminated in an appearance in the dunk contest (Less said about that the better). I always wonder what would have happened in the 2014 Miami series if Al Jefferson who made the All-NBA 3rd Team that year hadn't ripped his Plantar Fascia in game one. Shout out to Marvin Williams on finishing joint 3rd, I'm still waiting on him to join the Hornets as a coach or in the front office.

Who is your least favorite former Bobcat/Hornet from this group?

Nic Batum (46%)

Frank Kaminsky (19%)

Dwight Howard (12%)

Adam Morrison (9%)

Lance Stephenson (7%)

Byron Mullens (4%)

Tyrus Thomas (3%)

Analysis: Feedback from most is this was the toughest question to answer, but it seems Batum was a clear front runner. Again, I think there's some recency bias here but his case is strong. Batum's "Stretched" contract is still effecting the Hornets three years on and he's re-emerged as a good player with the Clippers to twist the knife in hearts of Hornets fans. Overall, this is a sad list of failures for a long tortured franchise, I only thought after I should have added Boris Diaw too. 

How many games do you think the Hornets will win this season?




25-30) IIIIIIII (8%)

45-50) IIIIIII (7%)

    50+) II (2%)

    <25) I (1%)

Analysis: Most Charlotte fans seem to agree with the Vegas' Over/Under of 36.5 for regular season wins. The Hornets looked destined for another 8-12 seed in the East. Despite the last two seasons feeling like the team was moving in a positive direction you can't escape the fact that Charlotte have finished between 9th-11th in the East for the past six seasons in a row, talk about mediocrity.  WHEN. WILL. THIS. CYCLE. STOP.