Hornets Player Grades: Seth Curry

What grade did the veteran SG receive?
Seth Curry - Charlotte Hornets
Seth Curry - Charlotte Hornets / Nell Redmond | AP
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Having started the 2023 season off as a Dallas Maverick, 33-year-old NBA journeyman, Seth Curry, was delt in a package deal to the Charlotte Hornets prior to the trade deadline on February 8th. Acquiring Grant Williams and a top-two protected first-round pick for 2027 in addition to Seth Curry, Charlotte is now the ninth team to roster the veteran shooter.

Curry may be missing out on the playoff fun in Dallas, but his trip home to the Queen City comes with the opportunity to bounce back from a career-low shooting numbers. Having arrived late into the season, while also enduring an ongoing battle with injuries, Curry only managed to play eight games prior to being shutdown for the final two weeks of the season. Despite such a small sample size, however, Curry still managed to produce some bright spots for the Hornets.

Glass Half Full

Across 43 games with the Mavericks and the Hornets this season, Curry posted a career-low 35.2%. three point percentage, averaging just 5.1 PPG while only scoring at a 39.2% rate.

However, his performances against the Indiana Pacers and the Milwaukee Bucks showed some encouraging signs of life. Ultimately, Curry managed to average nine points and a 44.1% FG% throughout his 8 appearances in Charlotte. 

The Hornets desperately need scoring help off the bench. Should he be able to stay healthy, there's reason to believe that he could once again prove to be a meaningful depth piece.

Glass Half Empty

Between the season-low three point numbers and the nagging injuries, there’s plenty of room for skepticism when evaluating Seth Curry. Given his recent health issues, it could be fair to say that the most intriguing part of this trade package for the Hornets will prove to be the 2027 first round pick.

As the Hornets look to continue building around their core players, journeymen such as Curry are likely to come and go as the organization can not afford to continue kicking the can down the road.

Charlotte needs healthy, consistent scorers and perimeter defenders, Curry seemingly provides neither. 

Best Moment Of The Season

Curry's best moment of the season came during his first game with the Hornets. Charlotte's throwback night lived up to the hype when he took to the court dawning his pin-striped jersey.

His father, Dell Curry, spent a decade of his NBA career in the city of Charlotte, and holds the Hornets' franchise record for most games played in the teal and purple.

It was a full circle moment for the Curry family when Seth managed to nail a three point attempt while his father provided the commentary. It was a forgettable season, but this nostalgia-ridden play was one for the history books.

Worst Moment Of The Season

Unfortunately, for both Curry and the Hornets, the veteran SG's injury misfortunes were the focal point of the year, and even resulted in him being shut down for the final two weeks of the regular season.

In total, Curry only saw 44 games all season long. The aforementioned shooting slump is bad enough on its own, but an ankle injury for a 33-year-old player may very likely exacerbate the issue.

Between the inconsistent shots and the ongoing ankle issues, Curry will be a source of stress for Hornets' fans, whether he's on the court or not.

Overall Grade - C+

As mentioned, Curry wasn't necessarily the most notable piece to be gained by the Hornets in their trade with the Mavericks. He did manage to produce the occasional offensive flurry towards the end of the season, but his early exit prevents us from being able to fully assess his potential in Charlotte. The Hornets hope the extended break this offseason will allow him to bounce back in 2024.

Drew Cook