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Hornets 2022-23 "Statement" Jersey Shown in 2K23 Files

A look at Charlotte's "Statement" Jersey for the upcoming season according to 2k23 game files.
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NBA 2K23 has officially released, just a little over a month before the start of the real-life NBA season. With each new 2k release there is always a ton to look forward to. New gameplay mechanics, updated graphics, new rosters, and much more! 

Among those things that might only matter to enthusiasts of the game itself, there have actually been some fun nuggets of information that might be relevant to the non-gamers as well.

With the release of the new game, fans have had a first look at some of the new jerseys for this upcoming season via the games files. While many of the new changes, alternates, or overhauls were released or leaked months ago, the Hornets have notably been one of the only teams to have their "Statement" uniform- basically Nike's version of alternate uniforms- kept out in the wind. That wait may be over though!

All Hornets' very own Israel Omondi aka @HornetsCulture shared a post from @NBAunitracker, the Hornets 2022-23 Statement jerseys have been found in the HQ versions on 2K23's files. Here's what they look like:

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At first glance, they look pretty similar to last season's. Same color, same accents, same font, same branding and sponsorship. The notable change for this coming season being the swapping out of "CHA" for "Hornets" on the chest of the jersey. 

Now it is entirely possible that this is just a placeholder file for the game and could be updated with a different variation later, but for now it seems as if the Hornets will be running back the majority of last season's purple uniforms, save a font change up front. 

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