Video: Terry Rozier discusses the mental challenge associated with injuries

Charlotte Hornets guard speaks about balancing playing injured versus sitting out to rest ailments

Deciding when to play and when to listen to your body is something athletes deal with constantly.

With essentially the bulk of their main scorers out, the Charlotte Hornets are decimated with injuries and it means others may have to fight through their own ailments. 

After this morning's shootaround in Brooklyn in preparation for their matchup with the Nets, Terry Rozier gave his thoughts on whether he encourages players to gut it out. It can be a difficult thing to balance.

"I was always taught -- and like I said this is just personal," Rozier said, "I'm not trying to get on nobody -- if (expletive) ain't broke, you can play. I beat myself up a lot that game I sat out (against Los Angeles on Tuesday). I just knew I had to be a little selfish and I had to do it for myself, for my body. But I just hate when I know I can be out here playing and I just see my team out here -- whether they are winning or losing -- I'm a guy that loves to go out there and battle and I just hope that everybody is on the same page.

"We are trying to squeeze a lot of games in at once and everybody has to get what they need for their bodies and I respect that. But if you can get out there and play I respect that even more."