Utah Jazz: NBA Mock Draft Roundup

Who could the Utah Jazz select in the first round of the NBA Draft?
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The Jazz, who currently hold the best record in the NBA, will be picking towards the end of the first round in the upcoming NBA Draft. Below is a recap of the players that the Jazz could select with their first round pick according to the most recent and relevant mock drafts. 

Sports Illustrated

Day'Ron Sharpe

Pick: Day'Ron Sharpe

Position: Center

Measurables: 6'11 265 LBS

Commentary: "Sharpe’s combination of motor, frame and skill level make him a quality developmental big, with upside tied to his passing ability at his size. He will have to work himself into better shape and improve his body, but he’s got the length and tools to hold his own, with soft hands and great instincts on the glass. Sharpe’s motor has never been in question, and his positive flashes in a weird situation at North Carolina were enough to pique real first-round interest. He can do a little bit of everything, and while he’ll have to cover for his slow feet with effort and physicality, Sharpe has the ability to excel on a team that values its bigs."

CBS Sports

Brandon Boston

Pick: Brandon Boston

Position: Wing

Measurables: 6'7 185 LBS

Commentary: "Started the season as a potential No. 1 pick contender, but Boston's stock slipped after a really rough start to the season. He improved as the season went on though. Played with more confidence as a scorer and didn't look out of place, with some nice games blended in. It'd make a ton of sense for a team like Utah to gamble on his potential here in hopes that his production becomes more consistent. Hard to find a 6-foot-7 wing with this kind of upside in the back half of the first round."

Yahoo! Sports

Sharife Cooper

Pick: Sharife Cooper

Position: Guard

Measurables: 6'0 180 LBS

NBC Sports

Isaiah Todd

Pick: Isaiah Todd

Position: Power Forward

Measurables: 6'10 210 LBS

Commentary: "Todd is the other guy for the G League Ignite team. Green and Kuminga will go at the top end of the draft and Dashin Nix is a borderline first round pick. Todd should have been putting up big numbers for the Michigan Wolverines as a five-star recruit. He has good size, a nice frame and a solid overall game. He also worked with a professional coaching staff and had a ton of one-on-one mentorship behind the scenes with the Ignite.

Utah has a solid track record of taking on project players and developing them behind the scenes. Todd has the potential to be a late first round steal, although his path to the NBA may take him back to the G League."

Bleacher Report

greg brown

Pick: Greg Brown

Position: Power forward

Measurables: NA

Commentary: "Brown hit a wall late in the season, but his athleticism and flashes of slashing and shooting still point to first-round upside. He'll be an obvious candidate for the G League until he improves his skill level and feel for the game at both ends."

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