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Can the Utah Jazz Keep the First Seed in the Western Conference?

Can the Utah Jazz secure the first place seed during the final 11-games of the season.
Utah Jazz team during a timeout

Utah Jazz team during a timeout

With back to back losses against an abysmal Minnesota Timberwolves team, Jazz fans seem to be worried about losing the number one seed in the 2021 NBA Playoffs. So, we decided to compare the Jazz remaining schedule with the Phoenix Suns and Los Angeles Clippers to see how the Jazz stack up with their main competitors heading into the final 11-games of the season.

Here's how we'll measure. Teams currently ranked 1-6 in their respective conferences, we'll name "Playoff Locks". Teams ranked 7-11 we'll name, "In Contention", and teams ranked 12-15, we'll name "Out".

The Utah Jazz are currently one game ahead of the Phoenix Suns and two games ahead of the Los Angeles Clippers in the Western Conference. 

Utah Jazz

"Playoff Locks": Two games. (@ Phoenix Suns, vs Denver Nuggets)

"In Contention": Four games. (vs San Antonio Spurs, vs San Antonio Spurs, @ Golden State Warriors, vs Portland Trail Blazers)

"Out": Five games. (@ Sacramento Kings, vs Toronto Raptors, vs Houston Rockets, @ Oklahoma City Thunder, @ Sacramento Kings)

Phoenix Suns

Donovan Mitchell (45) and Devin Booker (1)

Donovan Mitchell (45) and Devin Booker (1)

"Playoff Locks": Five games. (vs Los Angeles Clippers, vs Utah Jazz, @ Atlanta Hawks, vs New York Knicks, @ Los Angeles Lakers)

"In Contention": Five games. (@ Golden State Warriors, @ Golden State Warriors, vs Portland Trail Blazers, @ San Antonio Spurs, @ San Antonio Spurs)

"Out": Two games. (@ Oklahoma City Thunder, @ Cleveland Cavaliers)

Los Angeles Clippers

Royce O'Neale (white-23) and Lou Williams (blue-23)

Royce O'Neale (white-23) and Lou Williams (blue-23)

"Playoff Locks": Four games (@ Phoenix Suns, vs Denver Nuggets, vs Los Angeles Lakers, vs New York Knicks)

"In Contention": One game (@ Charlotte Hornets)

"Out": Four games (vs Toronto Raptors, @ Toronto Raptors, @ Houston Rockets, @ Oklahoma City Thunder)

Take what you want from the schedule matchups, but we believe that the Jazz still have a favorable chance to take the number one seed in the Western Conference. Wednesday and Friday should play a major factor in how the final standings end up with the Suns and Clippers meeting on Wednesday night, and the Jazz and Suns matching up on Friday. 

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