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Jalen Rose Says the Jazz are Biggest Threat to the Lakers

Jalen Rose has been a fan of this Utah Jazz team from the beginning.

In a Wednesday morning interview on ESPN, ESPN NBA analyst Jalen Rose said the Jazz are the biggest threat to the Lakers in the Western conference. "If there is a team that's just as good as the Los Angeles Lakers, if there is a team that's gonna to beat the Los Angeles Lakers in a seven-game series, it ain't gonna be the Clippers. It ain't gonna be the Nuggets. It's gonna be the Utah Jazz, mark my words." You can listen to Rose's full comments below:

The Jazz hold the best record in the NBA at 20-5. If they beat the Bucks on Friday night to improve to 21-5, it will mark the best start in franchise history. Despite holding the best record in the NBA, the oddsmakers have the Jazz as the fifth most likely team to win the NBA championship behind the Lakers, Nets, Clippers, and Bucks. Below are the odds to with the 2021 NBA championship as of February, 10:

LA Lakers - +250

Brooklyn Nets - +350

LA Clippers - +500

Milwaukee Bucks - +800

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Utah Jazz - +1,200

Philadelphia 76ers - +1,400

Boston Celtics - +2,500

Denver Nuggets - +2,500

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