Lets Put This Rudy Gobert and Ben Simmons Comparison to Bed

Ben Simmons once again tries to tear Rudy Gobert down in making claim of Defensive Player of the Year case.
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Once every few weeks, Ben Simmons seems to feel the need to beat his chest in order to make his claim for postseason awards. This is unfortunately something that Jazz fans and NBA fans have come to know all too well since Simmons has been in the league.

Jazz fans became familiar with his antics in 2018, when he was outspoken before winning the Rookie of the Year Award over Donovan Mitchell during Simmons second season in the NBA.

Once again, Simmons felt the need to make his case for Defensive Player of the Year yesterday when he was being interviewed by Rachel Nichols on ESPN's 'The Jump'. During his interview with Nichols, Simmons made the claim that he should be the clear cut winner over two-time DPOY winner Rudy Gobert.

His reasoning behind this claim? Simmons said, "I mean, Rudy Gobert guarded me in Utah, and I had 42. And apparently, I'm not a scorer."

Another highlight of yesterday's incompetence is that Bleacher Report tweeted out, "Simmons had to pull up the receipts on Gobert". 

You're right Ben, you're not a scorer, and apparently you're not that great at reviewing film either. 

And Bleacher Report, you may want to check those receipts before allowing him out the door.

During the February 15 Jazz victory over the 76ers, Simmons did have 42-points. An outstanding stat that should absolutely be celebrated by the Philly faithful. What he forgot to mention during his quote is that he only went up against Gobert seven times during the game. Simmons went 3-7 for 9-points and 3-turnovers when going head to head with the Jazz big man. 

Lets also take a look at some of the 2020-2021 season's basic defensive statistics to compare the two defensive minded players.

Gobert: Defensive rebounds: 10, Total Rebounds: 13.4, Steals: 0.5, Blocks: 2.8.

Simmons: Defensive rebounds: 6, Total Rebounds: 7.7, Steals: 1.6, Blocks: 0.6.

Are basic stats not enough to convince you? Should we go into more advanced stats?

Gobert: Defensive Rating: 102.1, Defensive Rebound Percentage: 28.2%, Steal Percentage: 13.5%, Block Percentage: 74.6%, Opponents Second Chance Points: 7.1, Defensive Win Shares: 0.168.

Simmons: Defensive Rating: 106.6, Defensive Rebound Percentage: 24.2%, Steal Percentage: 24.2%, Block Percentage: 14.7%, Opponents Second Chance Points: 7.2, Defensive Win Shares: 0.134.

It's easy to see that Gobert is better than Simmons in every defensive category with the exception of steals. The Stifle Tower has also played 179 more minutes, and has played in nine more games than Simmons. Gobert averages two minutes less than Simmons per game (Gobert 31.0 MPG, Simmons 33.2 MPG). Also, if you've had the decency to watch the Jazz play at all this season, you'll realize that Gobert's presence alone is enough to force players to pass the ball off or decide not to move into the paint. Simmons on the other hand, doesn't have that overwhelming physical presence.

One of the best quotes of all time is by the great Walter Peyton. He said, "When you're good at something, you'll tell everyone. When you're great at something, they'll tell you." 

Keep being great Gobert.

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