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Jazz Linked to Heat G Tyler Herro Amid Damian Lillard's Trade Request

Could the Jazz get involved in a three-team mega-deal with the Portland Trail Blazers?
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Damian Lillard’s finally done what fans have been begging for: requested a trade from the Portland Trail Blazers. After failing to build a championship-level team around Lillard over the past decade-plus, Dame’s decided he wants to move on from Portland to pursue a ring elsewhere.

Many teams are now expected to be lined up to try and put a trade package together to acquire Lillard. However, various initial reports suggest that Dame wants to take his talents to South Beach. 

With his intention to play for one specific franchise, combined with Portland’s desire to make him happy after his extensive time spent with the franchise, you’d have to think the Miami Heat are the heavy favorites to land Lillard. It gives him the best chance he’s had to win a ring in his entire career, and Miami’s willing to send the required assets to Portland to trade for the 7x All-Star.

The hurdle Miami has to jump through comes with how to deal with Tyler Herro. Considering his $120m/4y extension that kicks in this upcoming season, his contract, with other pieces would be the center of a hypothetical Lillard deal.

With Portland’s overall direction, cap situation, and depth at guard, Herro’s fit within their roster is fuzzy and unappealing. Any trade involving him would seemingly have him re-routed elsewhere, given that the deal extends more than two teams.

In an inevitable three-team trade with Damian Lillard, the Utah Jazz have been a team linked to take on Tyler Herro from the Heat. The Jazz have the required youth/expiring contracts that's necessary for both Miami and Portland. Depending on if Danny Ainge was willing to get involved in a deal, Kurt Helin of NBC Sports sees Utah being a team to watch.

"Specifically, the Trail Blazers do not want Tyler Herro and his four years, $120 million contract that just kicked in today (July 1), league sources told NBC Sports. The third team would have to be willing to take on Herro and maybe other assets, and have picks and/or young players to help send to Portland...Any number of rebuilding teams get mentioned here, but two teams to watch are the Brooklyn Nets and Utah Jazz.”

- Kurt Helin, via NBC Sports.

If the Jazz were willing to part ways with some of their recently accepted options, such as that of Talen Horton Tucker and Kelly Olynyk, salaries could match in a way to send Herro to Salt Lake City. While acquiring the 2019 lottery pick would require a few more assets invested by Utah, there is a match in play here. Bringing Herro onto Utah would give Will Hardy a miniature version of a big three to work with, combining him with Lauri Markkanen and Walker Kessler to build around for the next few seasons.

An enhanced offensive responsibility with the Jazz could be what Herro needs to take the next step forward in his NBA career. We’ve seen it happen just last season with Lauri, and while I’m not saying every young player joining a new situation will make that type of leap, it is always in the cards.

While the Trail Blazers continue to search for a trade involving Damian Lillard, the Jazz could have the prime opportunity to get involved in an interesting multi-team deal.

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