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Trade Rumors: How Different Trades Could Impact the Jazz

How could the different rumored trades impact the Jazz and the Western Conference?

Sports Illustrated's Chris Mannix outlined the latest intel ahead of the NBA trade deadline. Let's take a look at the different rumored trades and how they could impact the Utah Jazz.

First, there are various rumored trades that probably won't impact the Jazz if key players end up in the Eastern Conference. For example, the Miami Heat are the frontrunners to land Kyle Lowry from the Raptors according to Mannix. If that happens, that trade doesn't impact the Jazz except in the two games the Jazz face the Heat each season.

 There are more trades like that - the Boston Celtics are trying to trade for Harrison Barnes and a team like the Hornets is kicking the tires on a John Collins trade. Again, those won't really impact the Jazz.

Below are a few rumored trades that could impact the Jazz:

1. The Clippers get a point guard


Mannix: "The Clippers, as noted earlier this week, need point guard help, and it’s expected L.A. will zero in on Lonzo Ball and Ricky Rubio over the next two days. Ball, who is not in New Orleans’s long term plans, is likely to be moved somewhere before the deadline."

Jazz impact: The Clippers are competing with the Jazz for the top spots in the West, and Utah could match up with the Clippers in the playoffs. If the Clippers get better by adding a point guard, which would be the purpose of the trade for a Clippers team that is desperately trying to win now, it could impact the Jazz come playoff time. Could a viable point guard put the Clippers over the top?

2. The Nuggets get Aaron Gordon

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Mannix: "The Nuggets have engaged the Magic on both Gordon and Fournier, per league sources. Denver has dangled Gary Harris and Will Barton in deals and has some interesting young talent (Bol Bol, R.J. Hampton) to trade."

Jazz impact: As of the time of this article, the Nuggets sit in the fifth spot out West. If the Nuggets stay in the #4 vs #5 matchup in the first round, they could match up with the Jazz as the top seed in the second round. With a player like Aaron Gordon, the Nuggets could be very dangerous.

On the other hand, what if the Nuggets are forced to give up some of their best wing defenders? Without Gary Harris in the first few games of the playoffs last year, the Nuggets really struggled to defend Donovan Mitchell.

3. Buyout market

Mannix: "There continues to be little traction on trades for San Antonio’s LaMarcus Aldridge and Cleveland’s Andre Drummond, with both likely headed for the buyout market. Expect heavy interest in both players if/when they become free agents.Latest intel as the NBA marches towards Thursday’s trade deadline"

Jazz impact: If Aldridge or Drummond head for the buyout market, they could end up with a West contender like the Lakers. Obviously, that would negatively impact the Jazz come playoff time.

In addition, the Jazz are rumored to have interest in JJ Reddick who could also be headed for the buyout market. The Jazz are already the best three-point shooting team in the league - the addition of Reddick would be very intriguing.

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