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Utah Jazz VP of Basketball Operations accused of Bigoted Comments

In a recent tweet, former Jazz player Elijah Millsap accused Dennis Lindsey, the Jazz's VP of Basketball Operations, of bigoted comments.
Dennis Lindsey (left) chats with Melvin Hunt (right) prior to a game.

Dennis Lindsey (left) chats with Melvin Hunt (right) prior to a game.

Per an official statement from the Jazz, the team will be cooperating with the NBA's investigation into allegations of bigotry made by former player Elijah Millsap against Dennis Lindsey, who is the current Vice President of basketball operations for the organization. 

In a series of tweets, Millsap said that Lindsey made offensive comments during an exit interview at the end of the 2015 season. Specifically Millsap alleges that Lindsey said, "'if you say one more word, I'll cut your Black ass and send you back to Louisiana.'"

Lindsey responded by stating "I categorically deny making that statement." He also, along with the Jazz organization, encouraged the league to investigate the allegations. 

Quin Snyder, head coach of the Utah Jazz, who was in the aforementioned exit interview, stated that he does not recall the comments, nor can he "fathom Dennis saying something like that" per ESPN.

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Justin Zanik, the current GM of the Jazz, was also in the meeting and was tasked with taking notes. These notes are stored in a database which a forensic team will investigate. According to ESPN, league forensic investigators can determine whether [the notes] have been altered or updated in any way. The Jazz began taking and keeping notes during the exit meetings when Lindsey became GM during the 2012 season. 

Sarah Todd of Desert News reached out to Millsap and he reportedly responded, "I don't believe [Lindsey's] a racist. I was just highlighting the remarks." Millsap returned to play for the Jazz the next season and while clearly not holding a grudge recognizes that "it's an honor to stand up for what is right in any capacity" per his tweet Wednesday night, as the league-leading Jazz were dominating the returning champs, the LA Lakers. 

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