MSG Networks Announces Upcoming "Patrick Ewing Week"

Kris Pursiainen

MSG Networks will be dedicating an entire week's worth of programming to the Knicks legend Patrick Ewing. Starting on Monday, July 6, Ewing's Hall of Fame career will have some of its best performances re-aired for Knicks fans' viewing pleasure. (All times are ET.)

Monday's programming will start off with a 3PM showing of a 141-point performance by the 1989 Knicks, in which Patrick Ewing and Mark Jackson led the team to a victory at home against the Indiana Pacers. At 5PM, a double overtime win against the Philadelphia 76ers featuring Bernard King and Ken Bannister will be re-aired. After the 7PM showing of MSG 150 at Home, the network will re-air a 37-point performance from Ewing's rookie year against the Chicago Bulls in 1986 at 7:30PM, "Bio: Patrick Ewing" at 9:30PM, and an MSG Countdown featuring Ewing's best moments at 10PM.

Tuesday's games will start at 11AM, with a double overtime win from 1991 against the Hawks in Atlanta. At 1PM, a 134 point overtime win against the Charlotte Hornets will be aired - this one was an away game. 7PM will bring viewers another episode of MSG 150 at Home, after which the network will air a 41 point/11 rebound game from Ewing at home against the Pacers from 1988. At 9:30PM and 2AM, the game against Atlanta will be re-aired.

On Wednesday, the network will start off at 11AM with a Latrell Sprewell-headlined double overtime win against the Milwaukee Bucks - a game that took place just months before I was born - in early 2002. I'll certainly be tuning into this one to see what the team was like around that time. At 1PM, a win against the Warriors from the 2008 season will be re-aired - one in which David Lee scored 37 points in the 13 point victory. 7PM will bring Knicks fans another edition of MSG 150 at Home, after which they can watch Patrick Ewing's Georgetown team win their first NCAA Championship over the Houston Cougars in 1984. Once that game, which begins at 7:30PM, is over, a February 27, 1985 matchup between the Hoyas and St. John's will be re-aired - a game that took place at no other arena than Madison Square Garden.

Thursday's programming will begin with an 11AM showing of RJ Barrett's career high 27-point performance against the Atlanta Hawks, a game which will be re-aired again at 2AM. At 1PM, and again at 12AM, Kevin Knox and the 2019 Knicks' overtime defeat of the Milwaukee Bucks at home will be re-aired for those wanting to see a great performance from the now third-year player. 7PM will bring Knicks fans another installment of MSG 150 at Home; 7:30PM a re-airing of Ewing's 37 point/19 rebound performance against Philadelphia in 1990; and 9:30 a showing of a 41-point outing from Ewing against the Celtics in Game 4 of the 1990 Eastern Conference Playoffs' first round.

An 11AM re-airing of David Lee's performance against the Warriors will start Friday off, and the 1AM showing of it will bring Friday's programming to a close, Before then, the 1985 double overtime win against Philadelphia will re-air at 1 and 11PM, an episode of MSG 150 at Home at 7PM, a 45 point/10 rebound performance from Ewing in a home win against the Detroit Pistons at 7:30PM, and re-airings of the "Countdown" and "Bio" features about Ewing at 9:30 and 10PM, respectively. 

Saturday, deemed "Patrick Ewing Day" by the network, will begin with the "Countdown" feature at 10AM, the "Bio" feature at 10:30, and then games every two hours, on the hour, from 11AM to 11PM. The games re-aired on Saturday will include the Georgetown game against Houston, St. Johns, the 37/19 performance against the 76ers, the 41 point game against the Celtics, and the 45/10 outing against the Pistons.