Knicks SI 2K20 Fantasy Tankathon: Team Lauren continues her winning ways in first round loss

David Vertsberger

Welcome to the Knicks SI 2K20 Fantasy Tankathon, in which eight of our writers drafted every Knick available to us in NBA 2K20 in order to simulate a loser-take-all single-elimination bracket of the worst players to ever dawn the blue-and-orange. We will be posting results, interviews with the general managers and accompanying highlights with every game. Please note that if any jersey numbers that seem off or any players that weren't drafted end up getting minutes, it was due to a limitation in the game. Enjoy!


Team Lauren, fresh off a championship win in the Knicks SI 2K20 Fantasy Tournament featuring the greatest Knicks of all-time, is off to a hot start in the Tankathon, dropping her first-round matchup 88-83 to Team Jackie.

"I'm super surprised I lost," Russell said of her team's performance. "I thought my team was too good."

Coaching may have made the difference as Coach Russell slated Marcus Camby at point guard, Iman Shumpert at center and Jared Jeffries at shooting guard in order to throw a wrinkle into her squad. The halfway-playable defensive roster performed as hoped offensively, shooting a putrid 33.6% from the field as a team. They made only three threes all night.

For Team Jackie, it seems a curse has emerged.

"Now Novak shoots 50 percent from three??!!" Powell said with irritation. "It's Murphy's Law that when I need him to stink he does well. He'll always be my problem child I guess... My new golden rule is: don't bet on Steve Novak."

Novak was aided in part my steady point guard play by Baron Davis and an efficient 24 points and 8 assists from Bill Bradley. This, and a meager 10-point third quarter from Team Lauren sealed this game's fate.

You can view both teams' box scores below, and the first round continues later this week.

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Team Jackie
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Team Lauren