Halftime: Knicks Trail 76ers 52-46

Lauren Russell

The Knicks are down 52-46 to the 76ers at the half. It has been the Ben Simmons show thus far in the Garden. He has had a handful of monstrous dunks and tallied 16 points through the half.

If I had to choose the best Knicks play from the first half, it would have to be the Kevin Knox bucket about midway through the second quarter. Yes, it was a nice play, but you’re not going to see it on SC top 10. It was the best play for the Knicks in my book because of the player who made it happen, Knox. I’m not exaggerating when I say I could feel his aggressiveness on the drive from the press box. He looked like a man on a mission as they say.

That is the aggressiveness everyone from the Knicks organization to fans want to see out of the second-year player. Yes, Knox has struggled at times this season, and yes it was one play, but it’s a step. Not to mention he is still only 20 years old, he is still developing.

Julius Randle leads all Knicks scorers with 12 points, while Taj Gibson and Marcus Morris each have 11. Taj is also perfect from the field thus far.

The Knicks look to close the 6 point gap heading into quarter 3.